A Brush with Destiny

A brush with destiny…Is it destiny? We are each born unique individuals, which in itself is an absolute miracle. We share DNA with family members, but none of us is the same as another human being. Not now, not ever before, and never again will there be another you. Think about it. Incredible. 

Even with all of our genetic material, and our natural physical, mental and emotional capabilities, it seems only a few of us are able to manifest our gifts into our lives at full capacity. In fact, for the most part, we get derailed somewhere along the way, either early on or later in life. Some of this due to personal choices, but most of it begins during our formative years.

A small child of maybe 5 years old, hears music on the tv. She starts to dance and twirl in the living room. Her grandfather just wants to drink his beer in peace. He, a man of few words, suddenly blurts out in a hard monotone voice “who do you think you are, Miss America?’. The child stops dancing, shrinks down to the floor, turning red. Shamed. Shamed for doing what she felt passion for. This moment, however unintentional, has been a pivotal moment in her life. She feels self consciousness creep in, along with insecurity and self-doubt.

This type of scenario plays out daily, whether at home, at school or out in public. Parents, and others, shame their children for their interests. One strong put-down can affect a child for life. Of course, some individuals are far more resilient than others, a few of these lucky ones even take the “put-down” as a challenge to pursue their dreams with even more gusto….sort of “I told you so” attitude. However, not all children are so strong. I have met so many people along the way, who never were able to maximize their potential as human beings. It’s sad to me and seems like such a total waste. It usually stems from their parents or caregivers insecurities, and their own self-limiting beliefs. All of this is simply food for thought.

Hopefully, if you are lucky enough to have children or influence upon them, you will accept your role as an honor, and offer support and encouragement, rather than insults and doubts. See children for who they are. They are not you. They are unique beings with their own destiny. Please don’t crush their spirits before they have a chance to fly.

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