Simple Definition of mythical
  • : based on or described in a myth

  • : existing only in the imagination

He stood 6’3″. A large man, cutting a figure with his flaming toupee billowing in the wind. He carried himself as though always on camera, in part because he had spent a lot of time in front of one, but mostly because he was completely and utterly self-involved. Every word and motion was contrived to portray what he thought people wanted to see. He knew it was all a farce. However, he also knew that if he surrounded himself with the right individuals and paid them enough, he could get anyone to do anything for him. And so it went.

He had what he liked to refer to as “powerful persuasive skills”. These methods involved intimidating, threatening, and other sorts of bullying. It worked. He powered his way to the top. Tenacious, you could call him that. Greedy, for sure. This was America, and he was getting his American dream, by hook or by crook. He didn’t care about anyone but himself. He wanted more and more. He would never be satisfied. One day, he pondered that it might be fun to run for president of the U.S. At first, it was basically a flight of fancy for him. He knew he had no patience to do the job, and he had other priorities, like building his empire of excess all over the globe. However, times were ready for something different. Many of the people were desperate, and feeling angry. The climate of hatred had been brewing for a long time, and they wanted a hero. He came along, and appealed to that part of the population. Intoxicated on the publicity, there was no way he would back out now. He convinced them that he was their man, making promises appealing to their every deep desire. He won the role as leader of the U.S.

It didn’t take long for the facade to crack and crumble. Continuously distracted, his impatience got the best of him.  He tried to keep his best face forward, but the mask kept slipping off. What many had seen as their hero was nothing of the sort. When the truth surfaced, the people finally realized that he was a narcissistic, mythical monster and nothing else. But,  by then, it was all too late.


Oh my tarnished heart

Do you remember when you were shiny and new?

Before the reality of life set in

When nature was all you saw and you believed in kindness

Before tv and pollution contaminated everything good

When you were just perfect for being you

Before they told you what you needed to be

When you were innocent and full of wonder

Before the ugliness of humanity showed it’s face

When you believed in something

Tarnished heart, can you remember when you were shiny and new?

The scent of  Chanel #5 and the gift of a jewel

Sometimes dreams just don’t come true.


Cloaked in Mystery

Cloaked in mystery, the orchid mantis sits. Still, so still. She waits. Patience is her virtue. She is beautiful, yet discreet. Barely visible. Behind her camouflage she hides. She’s become what she needs to be in order to survive. She is a small miracle, yet a machine. She operates in stealth mode. Cloaked in her petal armor. Faster than the blink of an eye; before you see her, she strikes. It’s over quickly. She saw you long ago.