Goldie and Olive

The air temperature dropped as the sun began to set. On the tip top of the highest branch sat Goldie, a petite, slim, bright yellow and black goldfinch. This particular spot was his favorite place to perch when making important calls. He sang out at the top of his tiny lungs. His song was on […]

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Isle of Women

Ross was an internationally renowned nature photographer and world traveler. Well into his 70’s, he was a strikingly handsome man with thick silver curly hair that cascaded into a long mane, framing his deeply tanned and weathered face. Flecks of crystal blue and green danced in his eyes. It was as though all of the […]

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Her inner dialogue vacilated back and forth between “present moment mantras”, and pleading with the universe to set her free. She liked to say that she was waiting for her alien to come and take her away from this place called earth.

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It’s A Wash

The interior of her car was a virtual trash bin. Empty coffee cups, crumpled receipts, and dry leaves littered the floor. Dog fur was embedded in the passenger seat. The dashboard was covered with dust, and the steering wheel felt sticky.  No more procrastination. It was time to get a car wash. The same must […]

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It was late afternoon, as a gentle humid breeze wafted across the empty parking lot. Jenny and her sister Selena raced their hot pink plastic rolling suitcases towards room number 17. Selena, being the smaller of the twins, had to use both hands to lug her shiny case up onto the curb. Jenny screamed with […]

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